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The 5 Best Things in Your Pantry You Can
Use For Cleaning In a Pinch

Overview of Cleaning In a Pinch

Cleaning is one of those household-living essentials that we can’t do without, notwithstanding how much of a chore it may seem. Like regularly detoxifying the body system makes for a more healthy living, so does regular cleaning upgrade your home’s look and improve your personal hygiene. 

But how well do you love cleaning on every other day? Let’s take a quick test to find out. 

Do you feel cleaning is a daunting task?

Do you think your living space is such a dust magnet? 

Do you have issues picking the right cleaning supplies for various parts of your home? 

Would you instead just get a cleaning service rather than “get your hands dirty”? 

If you answered yes to these questions, then it’s time you drop the harsh commercial chemicals and take a tour through your pantry and kitchen for natural cleaning remedies. Wondering why your pantry supplies may be better than your regular chemical-based cleaners? Here are a few reasons why: 

  • Chemical-based cleaning formulas are more toxic and harmful to the health
  • Natural cleaners are cheaper and easier to make by yourself
  • You can make homemade household cleaning products in your desired quantities

Now that you know that the pros of using everyday household products outweigh those of commercial cleaners, the following is a list of our rounded up items that you can find in your pantry and use for cleaning in a pinch. We promise you are going to look forward to cleaning henceforth. 

Are you ready to clean? 


Basically the Holy Grail for stubborn home stains, white vinegar doesn’t only take out tough stains but is also a natural cleaning deodorizer; combating odors and giving your space a fresh after-cleaning smell. White vinegar goes beyond cleaning to killing germs, living you with more healthy household items than you started with. Mix vinegar and water in equal proportions and use as a simple but powerful glass cleaner or pour undiluted vinegar into your toilet bowl to take away embarrassing toilet odors and kill toilet bacteria. 

Olive Oil

Nothing polishes your furniture better than a homemade oil-based furniture polish. Olive oil is an essential oil used for many things from natural hair growth to cooking and more, but also a good option for cleaning your furniture. Other essential oils perfect for your house cleaning routine include tree tea oil, peppermint oil, lemon oil, lavender oil coconut oil – ideal for cleaning items made from leather – and others. 

Baking Soda 

Going for a new-looking kitchen sink, grime-free drains, non-greasy stove grates, or cleaner bathroom rings? Then it’s time you picked up the pack of baking soda lying lazily in your pantry as against the commercial scouring powders you got at your last grocery shopping. 

Baking soda is a good cleaning scrub. A simple paste of baking soda and white distilled vinegar or water will give your appliances (like the insides of your refrigerator), kitchen counters, cooking utensils (like pots and pans), and rusty sinks a cleaning makeover. 


There’s no other better alternative degreaser like a lemon (in any form). Use a mixture of lemon juice, water, and a small quantity of your favorite mild dish soap as an all-purpose cleaner. A mix of these ingredients in a spray bottle and your home surfaces will never know oily and greasy stains anymore. Applying lemon juice(and baking soda) to your microwave insides overnight or using slices of lemon to directly clean the insides of your microwave will immediately work to take off permanent food stains in a twinkle. 

What’s more?  Lemon is a natural bleach and will be a more healthy replacement for chemical-based clothing bleaching products.  

Citrus Fruits

Sweet-smelling fruits like oranges, lime, and lemon are natural air freshening products. Commercial air fresheners will freshen up the air in your home but may have some cancer-causing properties and could even contain allergens. Go for nature only by simmering a blend of the peels of citrus fruits in a pan and watch the fragrance of your home get transformed. Also, grinding citrus peels in your sink’s garbage disposal will remove offensive odors and give your kitchen a superb fragrance. 

Final Thoughts

Some household items may have unique cleaning methods and specific cleaning instructions from the manufacturers. For such things, ensure you read their accompanying labels, manuals, and manufacturers’ instructions. But for other less specific items, any of the mentioned pantry items will work just fine to do both light and heavy-duty cleaning. 

We hope you find this useful and productive.  

Have fun cleaning!

The Different Things in Your Pantry You Can Use For Cleaning In a Pinch